Cary puppy stolen from home


A woman's puppy was taken from her home and police are hopeful the animal might be spotted and lead to a suspect in other crimes.

The puppy described as wearing a pink collar, is 15-week-old golden retriever, Lulu.

On Monday, someone broke into a side door of a Cary home and took a computer, camera, jewelry and Lulu from her kennel.

"She was just an absolute darling puppy," puppy owner, Andrea Sexton said. "And I think someone just thought they wanted that dog when they could just go out and get their own."

Sexton has owned Lulu for over a month, but has become very attached to the puppy.

She taped up stolen posters at local markets and says the animal is easily recognized.

"She's a very blonde color dog, golden retriever. And she's got an under bite which is kind of a rare defect if you will. But it might be her most distinguishing quality," Sexton said.

Pictures of the stolen puppy are posted on the town of Cary's website, in a town that is ranked as one of America's safest cities; Lulu is grabbing attention because police say most of their work revolves around property crimes.

They hope a Lulu sighting could lead to suspects of other thefts.

"We're kind of hoping that if someone can help us out with this case, it will lead to some other closures," Cary Police Department Captain Dave Wulff said.

Sexton still keeps a fresh bowl of water and kibble in the corner of her kitchen.

"They could return the dog to any vet's office in town. They can take her to a fire station. They can put her in my backyard," Sexton said.

She is not as interested in an arrest, she just wants her puppy back.

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