Former star athlete sentenced for stabbing girlfriend


Michael Olliver was sentenced to 16 years in prison for stabbing his ex-girlfriend outside of her Raleigh apartment.

"To me, sir, you are a beast -- a man without a soul," victim Erica Jennings said.

The pain is still fresh for the Jennings' family. The tears come back one year after she was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend, Michael Olliver.

Friday she asked a judge for just punishment.

"I didn't desire none of what he did to me or my family," Jennings said. "I've tried to talk to him. I never tried to counsel him. I never tried to his counselor. I was just a friend."

Olliver pleaded guilty to attempted murder. He stabbed Jennings outside her Raleigh apartment last year after their relationship ended and she obtained a restraining order against him.

During Friday's testimony, prosecutors told the court about a man with an anger problem who had trouble letting go of his past.

Olliver was a second-round draft pick in the '80s, a former high school coach and his family says somoene who has a lot left to give.

"Let him be able to give back," Olliver's brother Valla Olliver said. "Let there be something left to give back to society."

In the end, Olliver spoke at length about his accomplishments and his sorrow over the stabbing.

"I say to Erica, I'm so very sorry it turned out this way," Michael said. "The truth is you didn't deserve this to happen. I'm a man, not a monster."

A judge sentenced him to 16 years in prison -- less if he behaves well. The victim says it was a good ind to an emotional morning.

"I feel a great deal of relief, and I do feel that justice has been served today, especially those involved in domestic violence," Jennings said.

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