Anti-war protests in Dr. King's honor


They say Dr. King was as much against war as he was social injustice.

The group called Fayetteville Peace and Justice, has held several vigils at the Market House.

They say Dr. King spoke out against the Vietnam War in 1967 and his message is just as relevant today.

It is no coincidence that Ann Ashford and other members of an anti-war group evoked Dr. King's name today as they protested the Iraq War.

"Because I think people forget that Dr. King was against the Vietnam War and that was one of his strongest, his last sermon was about the war," Iraq War protestor, Ann Ashford said.

"And he said in that speech that if America didn't get ready about war and peace as well as social justice issues that we are going to be marching for 25 to 30 years about one country after another," another war protestor, Chuck Fager said. "That was prophecy and here we are fulfilled and you are hearing today."

Forty years ago, Fager worked for and marched with Dr. King. He says it shaped his social views and anti-war efforts.

Fager organized numerous demonstrations and peace rallies protesting the war in Iraq.

While their message has not changed, reactions to it have. They say now instead of hearing hostile insults and threats, many blow their car horns and give a thumbs up.

"The mood in the country has changed. Things haven't gone well and people are tired of it," Vietnam Veteran, Alexander Williams said.

The peace group says it will continue to hold anti-war protests and say their protests are not about patriotism, but politics.

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