Campbell students shocked by racial prank


"A lot of people are kind of shocked about it you know, it's not something you would expect around here," student, Mark Sherrer said.

University officials say on Monday, someone taped racial slurs on five first room doors at Small Hall. The notes said "happy 'N-word' day." No African American students lived in the rooms.

Campus officials say the dorm does not have security cameras, but students have to swipe their ID card through a card reader to get in. One student said part of that security was apparently bypassed.

"Yesterday was visitation day. People were coming to see if they wanted to go to Campbell," student, David Williams said. "So they had a door in the back propped open so anybody could have come in especially on the ground floor."

Whoever left the notes and for whatever reason, it has left students at the predominantly white Baptist university shocked and angry.

"I thought it was pretty crazy when I heard it, I just figured; well I always noticed how well everybody got along pretty good," student, J.D. said.

A Campbell spokesperson has told Eyewitness News that the university is taking the incident very seriously.

Campus security is handling the investigation and will call in outside help if needed. They say whoever did this will be prosecuted.

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