Two states investigate Cary woman's death


Vanlata Patel, 57, disappeared last week. Firefighters found her charred remains in a brush fire on Interstate 85 in Virginia on January 16 -- approximately 90 miles from Cary.

Cary Police are not saying much about the homicide, but the victim's estranged husband has talked to Eyewitness News. Harish Patel says he feels police are treating him as a suspect in his wife's death.

Vanlata Patel's body wasn't identified until Tuesday. Harish Patel said he still loves his wife. "I'm going through a really rough time now. I don't know what to think now."

Patel says he just recently went through a tumultuous separation. They were in court just two weeks ago. "I saw her in the court. And she was very disturbed," Harish said. "In fact the judge say if she did not stop interfering, he would ask her to leave the court."

Mecklenburg County Sheriff's investigators in Virginia say they have no suspects. But they are working jointly with Cary Police.

Patel says police check his apartment three times Tuesday, and followed him. "First time they told me I am not a suspect," he said. "But now from their behavior, it looks like I am the suspect. That is the disturbing thing."

Harish Patel says he has nothing to hide and sheriff's investigators in Virginia say the victim's husband has been cooperative.

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