Vigil held for man found alive inside morgue


He is the man who was declared dead and put in a body bag, only to be found alive inside the Franklin County morgue.

A vigil was held in front of the Louisburg Courthouse.

Dozens of people at the courthouse brought attention to a lawsuit and life that was forever changed three years ago. On a Franklin County highway, then 29-year-old Green was hit by a car.

Paramedics placed Green in a body bag and left him in a morgue freezer. No one knew he was alive, including the medical examiner until hours later when he showed signs of life.

Green's parents say irreversible brain damage has kept his son from having a normal life. It's also the reason Green's family has thousands in medical bills.

A lawsuit filed last month seeks at least $20,000 in compensatory and punitive damages for emotional distress and negligence.

The county medical examiner and several current and former emergency workers are named in the suit.

However, Green's family says their courtroom fight isn't about money; it's about making sure nothing like this happens again.

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