New Triangle area code on the way


Utilities officials anticipate the change in the next few years, and they're already expect some people will resist.

The new area code will be 984. The new code is needed because we're running out of 919 numbers and there are a lot more phones in circulation than there used to be.

"We've seen continued growth in cellular," Switzon Wigfall, N.C. Utilities Commission, said. "Obviously that's pretty apparent to anyone who drives up and down the highways these days. Everyone's on the phone all day long."

Wigfall says there could be a need for the 984 addition in as little as two years.

The biggest adjustment users will have to deal with is dialing ten digits for every call -- even if it's from a 919 number to another 919 number.

"We have to be able to distinguish how the calls are routed between the two area codes," Wigfall said.

The ten digit difference seems to be the main concern around town.

"That's probably gonna be a problem," phone user Harry Lisee said.

"Initially they'll probably get frustrated due to the fact they're accustomed to dialing seven numbers, and now they've got to dial ten," user James Quick pointed out.

Some people say they've grown attached to 919 and wouldn't want to change.

"I've been here for about 18 years, so it would probably bother me," Elsa Offenbacher said. "I've had that 919 for a very long time."

There's no need to worry about your current number because it will stay the same.

The new area code will apply only to new connections.

The will be a lot of notice before the change happens and a call from a 919 area code to a 984 will not be considered long distance.

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