Registered sex offender faces more charges


David Grantham, 55, is currently in jail for a probation violation related to similar crimes he committed against another young victim. He has been a registered sex offender since December 28, 2001.

Investigators say Grantham forced a seven-year-old female to perform sex acts while she was visiting him in his home. The violations allegedly occurred within two days in September 2007. The child told detectives of numerous acts encounters with Grantham.

Grantham is charged with crimes against nature, first degree rape, taking indecent liberties with a child, incest between near relatives and first degree statutory sex offense. He is expected to be extradited to Cumberland County to face these latest charges.

Grantham was convicted in Cumberland County in February 2000 for taking indecent liberties with a minor and incest with near relatives. He was released on probation in December 2001. He returned to jail in September 2007 for probation violations.

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