Thieves target GPS devices


The popular GPS has become a bull's eye for car thieves.

Twenty GPS units, worth hundreds of dollars, have been stolen so far in Cary this year. More than one dozen have turned up missing in Durham.

Thieves are just as busy in the Capital City. Nine of the gadgets were take in northeast Raleigh in the span of a week.

"Well, take it out of the little stand and put it in the dash," GPS owner Dennis Zullig suggests.

But unfortunately that's not enough to deter thieves.

Authorities say clever thieves look for docking stations and suction cup marks on windshields. It has Raleigh Police urging drivers to follow their prevention advice -- lock, take and hide.

But when it comes to the trendy travel device, keeping it close could keep it from getting stolen.

"If they [owners] can't permanently mount them, then pop them off, put them in your pocket, your purse when you're going to be out of your vehicle," Captain Dave Wulff, Cary Police Department, says.

Most stolen systems end up in pawn shops or are sold on the streets, making it very difficult to get them back.

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