Some Rim Road residents get public water


Emily Beissel takes care of her parents at their home on Rim Road. She knows the new water line comes with a hefty price tag.

"Were we gonna get the money," Beissel explained. "Cause see my parents, you know, they're, they don't have a lot of money. He's just wondering how much it's gonna cost. Are we going to have to pay for it?"

The Fayetteville Public Works Commission says residents will have to pay a $5,000 hook up fee. But at least they'll be able to connect. That's not the case for residents in 10 homes on nearby Maggie Circle and Debbie Street.

"Every time you get water," homeowner Lofton Stewart said, "drinking water, you have to ask yourself the question, am I harming myself?"

The front of Stewart's house faces Maggie Circle at the intersection of Rim Road. He will not be allowed to connect to the new water line.

His next door neighbor's home faces Rim and will be getting clean water.

"Well, my well measures exactly 11 feet from the line," Stewart said.

Stewart is closer to the line than some of the people who are going to get water.

Residents tried to get city council to include the homes on Maggie Circle and Debbie Street to the current project. But the city says that would cause too much of a delay.

Residents say they've waited long enough.

"Matter of fact, you can see this house over here on the corner," homeowner William Chavis said. "They did a test on this house two weeks ago and they found benzene in their well. But it's not a danger level."

Eventually all of the homes on Rim Road will get water from PWC because the homes were recently annexed into the city. The problem is it may be years before clean water is run to the homes on Maggie Circle and Debbie Street.

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