January ranks as one of driest months


Despite the first snow of the season and a couple of rain showers, the amount of water going into Falls Lake is very small.

That new record comes at a time when water consumption at Fall Lake is going up.

"Look at my car, I want to wash it so bad and I can't," Raleigh resident Annette McNeil said.

Though, the drought situation does not appear to be getting any better; the average daily consumption at Falls Lake does not help either.

It is up from 39.2 million gallons last month, to 40.5 this month.

"It hasn't gone up dramatically and it's somewhat possibly tinged by the fact that we had such a low demand over the Christmas, New Years Eve holiday," Ed Buchan with Public Utilities said.

Buchan says recent water main breaks could have contributed to the slight increase of consumption.

Still, it has some debating whether it is time for tougher restrictions.

"It's sort of a last-minute decision making process it seems when early on we could've done something more," Raleigh resident, Lemuel Sherman said.

At last check, Falls Lake has a little more than 100 days of water left, that is if there is not any significant rainfall.

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