Underfed pit bulls in protective custody


Authorities say they found the dogs in December abandoned at a home on Rivercroft Road, but that is not all they found.

"We did find seven carcasses of deceased dogs. What kind of dogs or how they died, we don't know," Animal Control Officer Charles Steinman said. "The dogs we did bring in, a few of them were in pretty bad health."

There is a lot of refuse outside the house and it appears the house is abandoned. In the backyard several dog houses reside and a chain where the dogs were tied to a tree.

The dogs that were rescued were malnourished and two are in isolation at the shelter because of health problems.

Officers also found evidence that someone may have been training the animals for dog fighting.

"There's still one dog out there that we haven't been able to catch yet. We had a dog trap set out there, someone stole the dog trap," Steinman said.

According to records, Stephanie Cain owns the house. Animal control officers say Cain's son was suppose to be living at the home.

"We've been in contact with the homeowner and also her son who actually owns the dogs. And he states he was out of town at that time and he had someone taking care of the dogs and we're trying to make contact with that person at this time," Steinman said.

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