Brier Creek residents outraged about crime


Some neighbors think the golf community has a false sense of security.

They want people to be vigilant, but they want more police and want their home owners association to help get the word out.

Some of the crime victims own million dollar homes around a private golf course. Thieves have found their unlocked cars as easy pickings.

"An open gift store," Brier Creek resident, Kathi Hunter said. "We're open for anyone who wants to come in and steal."

Raleigh police report 31 vehicle break-ins inside the Brier Creek country club in the past 30 days.

Thieves have taken cell phones, iPods and golf clubs from an open garage. The doors were unlocked in the crimes.

"They think it's a prosperous neighborhood and an opportunity for a playground for theft," Brier Creek resident, Bruce Matthews said.

One victim tried to pursue suspects in a car chase and ended up getting shot at. He was not hit.

"There were shots fired. And it woke me up in the middle of the night. It went bang, bang, bang! Very alarming," Matthews said.

"Gunshots in Brier Creek are unacceptable," Hunter added.

"The police would prefer that citizens never put themselves in jeopardy to help us on a property crime like this," Jim Sughrue with Raleigh Police Department said.

They also urge people to lock their doors, but some Brier Creek residents think Raleigh needs more police.

"I think they have made a serious mistake by not allocating enough money for public safety," Matthews said. "We need more money for police officers."

Hunter has taken the matter into her own hands. She has posted her own crime alert, she counts 69 thefts in 60 days.

"We have a false sense of security because of where we are located," she said.

If the city cannot offer more patrols, Hunter is pushing for private security at Brier Creek.

Thursday hundreds of Brier Creek homeowners came out for a community watch meeting. Residents are hoping to learn more about the crimes at the meeting.

"Basically more details about what has been happening and what we can do to avoid it in the future," resident, Jean Eschedor said.

The fliers posted with concerns about crime, were being torn down by some residents. However, many got word about the meeting from the fliers, before they were torn down.

No one knows who did it, but some say the homeowners association is at odds with the community watch group.

The Brier Creek homeowners association says it is not trying to discourage a meeting about neighborhood crime.

The homeowners association will hold a separate meeting Monday.

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