Sapikowski sentenced to at least 20 years

Son expected to plead guilty to mother's murder next week

Next week he is expected to plead guilty to second-degree murder for the murder of his mother.

As usual, Sapikowski walked into court sporting a half smile and glanced at his brothers and sisters.

"Do you now personally plead guilty?" Orange Counter Superior Court Judge Carl Fox asked.

"Yes," Sapikowski replied.

"Are you in fact guilty of second-degree murder?" Judge Fox asked.

"Yes," Sapikowski replied.

In a whisper, Sapikowski answered yes to both questions.

The judge told him he would be sentenced to between 20 and 25 years for murdering his father with three blasts from a shotgun. But first the D.A. gave details of Sapikowski's confession -- gruesome details.

"He indicated that his father did not die immediately after the first shot," Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall said. "He indicated that his father crawled toward him."

Woodall told the judge an autopsy showed the next two shotgun blasts were fired into Jim Sapikowski at very close range.

Woodall also said Adam went from the kitchen to the master bedroom of the family's Chapel Hill home where the then 16-year-old also shot his mother three times.

Both bodies were found wrapped up in the bedroom.

Investigators say Sapikowski even threw parties after the murders.

Several of the defendant's friends had been in the house just a couple of nights after the homicides and then a few days later. They all began noting the smell.

Woodall said Sapikowski told his friends and others, who came to the house, the smell was rotting food from a malfunctioning refrigerator.

When Sapikowski was sentenced for obstructing justice last week, he apologized for the murders. This time when asked if he had anything to say before sentencing, he replied, "No, your honor."

Sapikowski is being sentenced separately on the obstruction of justice and two murder charges so his record level is bumped up each time, increasing each sentence.

Next Friday he is expected to plead guilty to his mother's murder and get an additional 21 to 26 years.

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