Residents speak out at Brier Creek meeting


Thieves have stolen things from at least a couple dozen people. The homeowners association took suggestions from residents at a meeting Monday.

It was a rude awakening, with reports of a rash of car break-ins that actually did wake a neighbor.

It happened after one victim tried to track down the suspects and ended up being shot at, nobody was hurt.

"It went bang bang bang, very alarming," resident Bruce Matthews said.

However, the sound of gunshots in Brier Creek, residents say are about as common as the sound of a rooster in New York City, it just does not happen.

Police reports show the majority of the crimes occurred on vehicles that were left unlocked. And most of the community says the solution is common sense, lock your car doors.

That is the message many residents reiterated during the meeting. But others want action, pushing for overnight police patrols and more.

"Make it a gated community at least on all the entrances and exits, something like a camera or manned security," resident, Chandrika Tharayil said.

Initially, some believed the homeowners association was trying to cover up news of the crimes, putting the neighborhood's reputation over their safety.

Tharayil just hopes the HOA listened at the meeting and keeps everyone informed in the future.

The HOA tells Eyewitness News they will take the ideas presented Monday and then decide if any action should be taken.

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