Disposable toothbrush


But a disposable toothbrush and a fingertip brush-ups claim to give you lean teeth, fresh breath, anytime, anywhere! But do they work?

Oral-B Brush-Ups just slip on one of your fingers and you brush away. The Toothette Flavored Disposable Oral Swab you just dip it in water and clean your teeth.

Kathy Byda was a good sport and agreed to try out both products.

First, the Oral-B Brush Ups. Kathy says, "Pretty refreshing, minty. This one seems O.K. I could see myself using this." So how about the Toothette Swab? Kathy says, "It's a lot more work, you have to dip it in the water. Also it doesn't taste well and it doesn't seem to work."

Daniel Cordero also agreed to help us out. When it came to the Oral-B Brush-Ups he said, "It tastes fine and tastes minty, but it's a little obtrusive in the mouth."

When it came to the spongy disposable toothbrush Daniel adds, "I felt like it was less obtrusive than the other one, but the flavor was a little off." And Daniel doesn't know if he'd ever use one of these products.

He says, "I don't see the need for disposable toothbrush when for a buck you could pack a tooth brush in your suitcase."

Dentist Stephanie Jenkins agrees. She says, "You can use a toothbrush with just water. You don't have to have toothpaste and it's much more effective and efficient than one of these products. These aren't terrible. I'm not saying shouldn't be on the shelves or be on the market, but wouldn't recommend these to patients."

Although both products technically work, most of our testers say they'd rather pack a small toothbrush.

Still, if you're interested, they're both relatively cheap. 20 toothettes for $7 in travel catalogs and a 12-pack of Oral-B Brush-Ups for about $4.

Dentist Stephanie Jenkins adds if you don't have a toothbrush or floss, these products are definitely better than nothing.

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