Duke campus reacts to traveling sex show


Some are raising questions about the event, especially with the Duke Lacrosse scandal still fresh on people's minds.

There is a lot of talk on campus about the sex show, as people on both sides weigh in.

It is a story that takes sex education to a whole new level. The live sex workers art show, featuring graphic sex simulations and strippers, was free for Duke University students.

Junior, Martha Brucato helped organize it and the controversy is no surprise to her.

"That's what I wanted out of the show. I wanted people to start talking about sexuality. In a way they never do normally," Brucato said.

"In terms of the lacrosse scandal. I don't know whether it was a little bit too early. A little bit insensitive," Duke student, Robert Schmalzigahe said.

And that is the concern. Why Duke would allow the show to go on, especially when the lacrosse case began over a hired exotic dancer.

"You could take virtually anything that we were to do. Anything on race, athletics and if you really work hard at it you can relate it to that particular situation. And from my perspective this had its own agenda," Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta said.

Still the website for Raleigh's Pope Center for Higher Education calls the show grotesque. Claiming it takes vulgarity to a new level.

"I think that's very scary that we would have something like that on campus actually," Duke student, Archana Ramireddy said. "I think that's something that should just be more private. It's weird that a university would have that."

And there is talk of bringing the sex show back again next year. The university says they are okay with that.

"Honestly I don't think there was anything overly risque about it," Kiley Samz said. "This is a private college campus. Everyone here is mature enough to see something like that."

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