Fayetteville rapes, assault concern residents


Last week, police held a press conference and announced they were looking for a man who raped two women and sexually assaulted another.

The incidents happened in the northern section of Fayetteville, off Ramsay Street.

On Monday, a woman walking her dog off Ramsey Street on the River Trail was attacked.

"That female was able to get away from her attacker as reported and ran to a nearby residential area where she summoned assistance," investigator, Chuck Dew said.

Pat Miller and her dog Ginger were out for a stroll Thursday. Miller said she did not know about the sexual assaults near the trail.

"I'm going on in. We're not going to go very far. But we'll come back out probably sooner than we would have," Miller said.

Police patrol the River Trail on golf carts and the city has installed signs along the trail warning walkers to be safe.

"You've got a lot of people who come out here that be by themselves, especially young ladies. And they'll have their earphones in. So they can't hear what's going on around them," Police Officer, Robert Bundy said.

Fayetteville resident, Shirley Bonack, says she sees a lot of females walking alone, which surprises her.

"I am surprised by that. I mean, even walking just in my own neighborhood I don't walk alone," Bonack said.

Police are taking a close look at Monday's attempted sexual assault to see if it is connected to the serial rapist on the loose.

"At this point we haven't turned up anything that would lead us to believe that this latest case on the River Trial is linked to the suspect we're currently investigating," Dew said.

Anyone with information about any of the incidents is asked to call the police.

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