The Yaktrax Pro claims to help you run on ice?


When there's snow or ice, people have trouble getting around on their own two feet. The Yaktrax Pro has a unique, spikeless coil design that claims to give you a solid grip and reduce falls and injuries in the snow or ice. Since there's no wintry mix in our forecast, I headed to the Triangle Sportsplex, strapped on the Yaktrax Pro, which fit right over my shoes, and took to the ice.

First I tried them out on ice that had been skated on. It's actually a pretty good grip and I don't fall at all. Walking was easy and I didn't feel uneasy. So I decided to pick up the pace. I can even jog in them and don't even slide.

Now time for the true test – on some fresh ice. Without the Yaktrax over my shoes the I was very slippery. I didn't fall, but I had several close calls.

I strapped on the Yaktrax's once again and I had good traction. I didn't slip and slide.

So we give the Yaktrax Pro a big thumbs ice as they're only $30 but it's probably a price you'd rather buy than a trip to the emergency room if you slipped on some ice back to you

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