Teen arrested in death of Durham deacon


Stefon Hinton, 16, is charged as an adult with the murder of 89-year-old Charles Davis. Davis was found stabbed to death in his Nellowood Street home on September 26, 2007.

The murder stunned Davis' family and friends at Durham's Mount Olive Baptist church, where he was a deacon. Hinton, looking around the courtroom for a familiar face, got a stern admonition from Judge Ann McKown, "Turn around this way, son!"

Hinton was arrested Monday afternoon at Southern High School. He's now charged with first degree murder, larceny of motor vehicle, breaking and entering and larceny after breaking and entering.

In court Tuesday Hinton almost waived his right to a court appointed lawyer. The judge advised the teen to reconsider, when it appeared Hinton thought he could be represented by another lawyer he had in a juvenile court case.

"You need a lawyer for adult court. This is a different court," she said.

Hinton was in the same courtroom where the other suspect in the Davis murder case, Tory Nelson, appeared after he was arrested and charged in November. He and Hinton will stay locked up in the county jail. The judge won't allow bond for Hinton, whose next scheduled court date is March 4th.

According to a press release sent by the Durham County Sheriff's Office, a third arrest is pending.

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