Does it work: Pancake Puff


The Pancake Puff claims it's easy and simple, just pour your favorite batter in. Karie Daley is a busy mother of three and she says this sounds great, "I thought it would be fun because I've seen it in the stores and I thought it would be a great different Saturday morning breakfast." And Karie quickly realized it was different, "My first reaction when I took it out of the box was this is really small. For a family of 5 I'm going to be standing at the stove for a really long time."

Karie got right to work. She followed the instructions by setting the stove on medium low, and then she buttered each little divot, "When the butter starts to melt that's when you can do the batter." She prepared the batter and then poured the pancake batter until the divot was about three-fourths full. Then we waited to see if we got the perfect little puff.

Karie read the instructions, "When the edges start to look firm and bubble you're supposed to flip them." Once the pancake's underside is golden brown it's time to flip with wooden flipping sticks provided with the pan. But Karie says it didn't happen as advertised, "It's not easy."

After Karie flipped all the puffs, she let them cook for one more minute. It was now time to take to take out each puff, but again Karie says she ran into problems, "This is where they stick."

Despite using butter, our puffs were difficult to take out. As for the finished product, it's not as pretty as what is on the pancake puff box. Despite their look, Karie said her girls didn't mind, "They still ate them, they were tasty but they were messy."

Besides messy, Karie says she has a bigger concern with the pancake puff pan, "I was real worried with my youngest too because it does get very hot and it's even on a low heat, I wouldn't say it's child friendly at all." So this isn't something Karie says she would keep in her kitchen, "I would not put this in my kitchen the pan gets way too hot for kids to work with and it too much of a hassle."

And we also give the pancake puff a thumbs down. It cost $20.00, and was not only messy while making cooking, Karie says the clean-up was not easy. Despite saying non-stick, Karie says everything she tried on it stuck to each divot.

The Pancake Puff does make more than pancakes, you can make several kinds of hors d'oeuvres and it even comes with an injector to fill the puffs with fruit, pudding, and more. Karie didn't try that, but she did try the corn dog recipe, and said it took more than 45 minutes and each puff fell apart while she tried to take them out.

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