Woman will not stand trial for murder


Instead, a judge found Camellia Brown mentally incompetent and ordered to Dorothea Dix State Mental Hospital for evaluation.

"I have been held in the Wake County jail for two years without any trial and with no evidence presented against me at this point," Brown said.

A visibly angry Brown took on a Wake County judge, protesting the final words of her Psychiatrist; "it's my opinion that she is currently not competent to stand trial."

Eventually Brown will face a murder trial for the shooting death of her ex-husband Earl "Thierry" Brown, 42. Until then, she will spend time at Dorothea Dix Hospital.

"Will I be waiting six months before I get a competency and then another six months before I have a trial," she asked.

Brown's behavior in court was no surprise to her ex-husband's sister, Patricia Ward. Ward has custody of their two children, a six and eight-year-old still haunted by the shooting.

"He feels if his mother gets out of jail, he feels she will come after him next," Ward said about Brown's son.

Ward says her brother and Camellia had met at Pullen Park two years ago while their children stood nearby. Prosecutors say she shot their father in the chest; he later died at the hospital.

"He went that day hoping that the opportunity to see the children would give her incentive to get the counseling, to be a part of their lives, now that's never going to be an option," Ward said.

Court records show the couple had a tumultuous relationship. Camellia had violated protective orders after losing custody of the children. Monday, her psychiatrist testified she still believes he is alive.

"I'm not even depressed. And I'm certainly not delusional," she countered.

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