Skateboarders' art causes controversy


Some skateboarders there had hoped to make them part of a monument, but city officials squashed their plans Monday.

Since July, skateboarder David Beasley has nailed up pieces of old and broke skateboards to trees.

"It symbolizes all the progress and dedication of the skateboarders in Fayetteville," Beasley said.

The trees sit next to an indoor skateboard park that opened for business last summer. As the business grew, so did the hanging collection of old skateboards and shoes.

A few weeks ago, someone complained it was an eyesore, city inspectors say it is a sign and must come down. Skateboarders say it is ridiculous.

"It looks great, it's a skate park, we are not going to like have a flower garden out here. It's a skate park," skateboarder, Eric Cooper said.

On Monday, skateboarders appealed their case to officials.

"It may not be pretty, but it's a symbol of something you may not agree with, but it makes Fayetteville beautiful. I think it makes Fayetteville home," Beasley said.

However, city officials ruled it is not a question of art, but the law and the tree they say is more sign than symbol. And the skateboards and shoes must go.

Beasley feels like they were against him and his work of art from the start.

"They are very biased they don't even like, they say they like skateboarders, but is very clear they don't," he said.

Beasley and other skateboarder are not giving up; they plan to appeal the decision.

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