Troubleshooter: termite damage


Debbie Bailey tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "It took us 8 years to get this house, this was our dream." But after a couple years in the home, that dream turned into a nightmare because of termites. Inside the Bailey's home, the pests went to town along the bedroom window, bathroom, door frames, and even this hardwood floor.

Debbie adds, "I walk somewhere and I hear a little creek and I think oh goodness there's termites." Besides inside the Bailey home, there's also damage outside. The Bailey's can't understand how the termite damage happened since they've been paying Griffin Exterminating yearly to treat their home since they built it. Debbie adds," This is my home, we work every day to pay for this, this is where you want to come and be comfortable, have your family memories."

Debbie's been fighting Griffin Exterminating for the last three years. She said at first, the company did repair some of the initial damage. But overtime she found more termite tunnels and Debbie says Griffin's wasn't willing to help. She says they told her it was water damage, but she disputes that. Debbie tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "They're supposed to come every year for a yearly inspection.

There's never been anything noted that there's any moisture damage under house and we've never had a mold, moisture, nothing." Debbie says she just wants her house fixed, "I called to see when they were going to come do the work. They won't return my call, they won't take my call, it's been terrible. I'm trying to be nice but I'm tired of it now. I want my home fixed, that's all I want is my home fixed."

Debbie turned to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. She called Griffin Exterminating. The owner told her there was some termite damage and they took care of some of the damage. He adds they've re-treated the Bailey home several times. He also told her some of the damage is water damage as he insists there a moisture problem. He then directed her to his insurance company.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson called and left several messages with the insurance company. She never got a call back, but the Bailey's got a call back almost immediately. Debbie tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "After you came out here, the adjustor called that afternoon and said I cleared my schedule, I can be out at your house the next day to look at it"

Once the adjustor came to Debbie's home, Griffin's Insurance company did agree to pay more than $8,000 to cover the damages at the Bailey home. In exchange the Bailey's would have to sign a release, saying they won't pursue legal action. It's a deal Debbie says she's not taking. She adds, "I'm not going to sign this release. I signed a contract with Griffin's to treat my home and take care of the damage. I don't feel obligated to sign the release."

Debbie even tried to get the Department of Agriculture to help. Their inspectors came to Debbie's house and one time found active termite infestation. During another visit, an inspector found termite and moisture damage. But a rep said their department can't be involved in determining the extent of repairs Griffin's should be responsible for, they can only enforce the warranty issued by the company. At this point, the Bailey's say they're considering legal action if the damages won't be fixed without signing a release.

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