Elementary student assaulted on school bus


According to an incident report, the alleged assault occurred last Thursday. Almost a week after the incident, the boys are temporarily kicked out of school and face criminal charges.

"To me it's attempted rape," the victim's mother said. "Two boys held her down, one was holding her mouth so she couldn't holler or scream for help and the other boy [was] on top of her trying to hump her."

While the victim's mother is relieved about the school suspension, she says the punishment does not fit the crime --she worries it may not be enough.

"It is a lesson to be learned, because if they get away with this, they feel like they can do it again and again. When they get older who knows what can turn out," she said.

The mother feels the suspension comes only after her daughter complained she was being teased and taunted by one of the boys.

"She has to see this one boy everyday in school because their classrooms are right next to each other, so she can't escape him," the mother added. "I know she has nightmares, she hollers at night; I heard her last night hollering in her sleep."

According to the sheriff office's report, the /*school bus driver*/ reported the incident to the the Cliffdale Elementary School's assistant principal.

"It's being investigated right now as sexual battery; there is still a lot of investigating that has to be done," /*Cumberland County Sheriff's Office*/ spokesperson, Debbie Tanna said.

The victim's mother thinks it should be investigated as attempted rape –saying what happened on the bus, robbed her daughter of her innocence. She is pressing criminal charges.

The mother also says she was told that what happened to her daughter has also happened to others.

That is one reason she says she wants to go public with her daughter's ordeal -- to warn other parents so they can talk with their children and more victims can come forward.

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