Late payment led to tire slashing


When you sign a contract, you're agreeing to pay on time for a certain period. Anna Vasquez paid $40 every week to rent-to-own tires for her truck. But Anna says when she missed one payment, her tires got slashed. "I've been a customer for more than six months and that's how they treated me. I don't think that's right."

Anna has been paying ColorTyme the $40 payment and admits she was behind on one payment. "The owner called me and told me that I was due for my payment and I told him that I would be there in thirty minutes and before I got there they came to my house and slashed my tires," Anna explained.

Anna called ColorTyme immediately and made the payment. She says she was assured new tires would be put on her truck.

"They told me Monday we'll be there at 9 in the morning to put your tires on and take the others off. They weren't here. I've called and they said they were getting in touch with me but I have no message or nothing. They didn't even call work," she said.

So Anna called the Troubleshooter Hotline. I called ColorTyme and a representative told said, "We regret disabling our customer's tires, but all subsequent actions were by ColorTyme policy and everything could have been avoided if the customer had returned our calls and made arrangements to pay for her tires."

The representative also said, until the tires are paid for, they're the property of ColorTyme.

Within days of my calls to ColorTyme, they installed brand new tires on Anna's SUV and also credited all prior payments she already made to the ownership of the new tires.

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