Appalachian State campus under lockdown


The campus was on lockdown after a student returned to his off campus apartment from class to find a man inside --the intruder fled the scene.

Night classes were canceled Monday. All classes are set to resume Tuesday.

Even though the lockdown is over, authorities are on alert. They are asking people to report any suspicious activity.

The school is searching for the man. He has been described as a six-foot white male, wearing a black Pink Floyd shirt with a rainbow prism on the front. He is also wearing, a dark jacket, blue jeans, black mask and red and green tennis shoes.

The man was last seen on Hill Street with a small black handgun.

However, the university says they are not taking any chances, especially with other recent campus shootings.

Forrest Gilliam, a senior and president of the school's student government association, told the /*Associated Press*/ that students on campus were alerted over campus /*public address systems*/ and by e-mail.

He added there does not appear to be a huge sense of fear --more confusion than anything.

Lynn Drury, Associate Vice Chancellor for Cultural and Public Affairs, said if students happen to be on campus --lock the doors.

For more information, check out /*Appalachian State University*/'s Web site at

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