Garbage disposals banned in Raleigh


Now, city council members are banning new and replacement /*garbage disposals*/.

It's an effort to reduce /*sewer*/ overflows. Raleigh officials say about 50 overflows happen each year.

About 20 of them are caused by food and grease dumped in the city's sewer system. The ban starts March 17 and affects all Raleigh residents and all towns receiving /*Raleigh*/ water.

Only homeowners with working disposals can continues to use them, but installing a new disposal is now banned.

The ban is also bad news for local hardware stores stocking garbage disposals.

"It will slow down sales, new homes defiantly can't put them in, licensed plumbers wouldn't be caught putting them in," said Henry Burke, owner of Burke Brothers Hardware.

Residents say Raleigh water customers who consider garbage disposals an expected amenity are going to be furious. The */Homebuilders Association*/ agrees.

"The idea of the city of Raleigh no longer having garbage disposals seems like they're taking it a little too far," Ex-Vice President of the Homebuilders Association of Raleigh, Tim Minton said.

The association says the ban has serious implications –raising questions for home builders and inspectors with projects in limbo.

City officials say they are working out the logistics, but homebuilders who already have a permit are in the clear.

For those who break the rule, could face fines up to $25,000 a day.

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