Police: Second person sought, more photos


Chapel Hill Police Chief /*Brian Curran*/ spoke at a press conference Monday evening about additional surveillance photos.

Curran said investigators have obtained additional surveillance photos from a convenience store. He said it appears the same man in the original surveillance photos entered a convenience store and attempted to use Carson's card at an ATM inside the store.

"The convenience store has an ATM inside and he's the only person inside the store at the time an attempt was made to use /*Eve Carson*/'s ATM card," Curran said.

Authorities will not say where the store is located, when the man walked into the store and whether he got away with any money.

However they believe he is the same man seen in Carson's SUV at another /*ATM*/.

Color enhanced photos of the surveillance photos released Saturday, hint at a second suspect stowed away in the back seat. Raising fears a kidnapped Carson was also there.

"We've looked at the photographs, from what I've been able to tell, I do not see her in the car," Curran said.

Police also say they do see a possible gang connection. They have passed the pictures along to local police gang units and community service groups.

Search warrants reveal that police have Carson's cell phone and laptop. The SBI is currently searching Carson's SUV.

"You'd like to solve these cases as quickly as possible," Curran said. "We hope for a successful resolution to this case, however, as much time that takes is however much time we'll take."

Investigators say they still have reason to believe the suspect and his partner are still in the area. The official search has not extended out of state.

Anyone who recognizes this man, or may have seen Eve Carson's Blue /*Toyota Highlander*/ between Wednesday morning or Thursday afternoon is asked to the /*Chapel Hill Police*/.

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