City checks businesses for low-flow devices


The city dispatched crews Tuesday morning to check out what kind of conservation measures are in place. The checks could be followed by even tighter /*water restrictions*/.

"For the faucets, we're looking for 2.2 gallon per minute or less," one crew member said.

Inside places like the /*Hilton North Raleigh*/ and other big water customers. They checked for/* low-flow showerheads*/ and other water saving devices.

The Hilton is one of 15 hotels they'll visit all across the city of Raleigh, trying to figure out how little water is used by showerheads, faucets and toilets.

The crew said the hotel is doing a good job, holding down water use.

But during a time of continued drought and lakes just getting significant water back, can customers like the Hilton get even stingier with water?

The City says it's possible. Some of the faucets go down to .5 gallons. Per code, 2.2 gallons is pretty good.

For a urinal that is sufficient, but for the toilet, it may not be enough.

The crews will keep checking and give what they find to the /*Raleigh City Council*/.

It will be up to the council to decide if tougher restrictions are needed.

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