Pilot demonstrates jet pack


"The thing flies like a helicopter," Scott said. "So it has eight points of control. I can take off from here and fly right round that tree a couple of times and come right back to this exact same spot and put my feet right back down on it."

Lift-off was scheduled for noon in Fayetteville but the crowd started gathering way before that. Chrystal Cunningham has two reason for attending the demonstration.

"I have one that wants to be a pilot and one that wants to be a scientist, so we're skipping school for it," Cunningham said.

The Jetpack International team of engineers and pilots are working to increase flight time. Right now the team is traveling around the world putting on demonstrations.

If you're thinking about getting one of the packs to replace your car and beat gas prices, you better think again.

The fuel costs $150 a gallon and you only get about 30 seconds of flight time.

"I was very impressed," Spec. David Mendoza, Fort Bragg Soldier, said. "It was much louder -- much faster and he came out of nowhere kind of took me by surprise."

"It always makes you wonder," Pilot Scott said. "When you can see anything and it's all behind you, you can't look down and check gauges so it's better to just be safe and turn it around and come back and land it."

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