Reduced water restrictions in sight


So far, staff from Public Utilities have checked more than 100 hotels, fitness centers, apartments and office buildings. Twenty-five of each was checked for low-flow devices.

All but two of the hotels and office buildings checked have low-flow faucets. All but one apartment complex have low-flow faucets, all fitness centers have low-flow faucets and all hotels have low-flow showerheads.

Also, all but two fitness centers have low-flow showerheads and all but three apartment complexes have low-flow showerheads.

The City of Raleigh began the water spot checks last week -- to help ensure everyone is playing their part in conserving water.

The Triangle is currently under Stage Two water restrictions, but once Falls Lake is full, that will change, according to Raleigh officials.

When the lake becomes 90 percent full, Raleigh will go back to Stage 1.5. The lake is currently 74 percent full. Under Stage 1.5, nurseries will be able to water their plants again, commercial car washers will reopen and power washers will be able to offer their services again. Stage 1.5 would also allow handheld lawn watering one day a week during certain hours.

A full lake also means the City will not have to recapture water for new connections.

Raleigh City Manager Russell Allen has the authority to relax water restrictions once the lake is full. At that time, Raleigh would go back to Stage One restrictions and reassess water conservation efforts.

Stage One restrictions allow watering your lawn one day a week with sprinklers during certain hours.

The Council admits the different stages are confusing and it will consider switching to a color coded system in the future.

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