Fayetteville lifts outdoor water ban


Outdoor watering using automatic irrigation will continue to be allowed two days a week and filling pools has been allowed since the end of February.

Customers with even street addresses can use sprinkler systems on Wednesday and Saturday, while customers at odd addresses can water on Thursday and Sunday.

PWC says hand watering is allowed on any day. And encourages customers to always use a spray nozzle when hand watering and with other outdoor watering activities.

Since restrictions began, customers steadily reduced their daily usage and have averaged using 20 million gallon a day.

Stage II restrictions reduced the number of watering days and restricted residential car washing.

The restrictions had been in place since October, as the levels at Jordan Lake fell drastically below normal. As of Thursday, Jordan Lake was above normal after recent rains.

"We commend our customers on their conservation efforts," said Steve Blanchard PWC CEO and General Manager. "While the Jordan Lake levels have returned to normal, we feel some restrictions can be lifted as long as customers continue to use water wisely. We do not feel we have seen the last of drought conditions and want customers to realize restrictions may be tightened again as the summer's dry weather returns."

PWC encourages customers to continue their conservation efforts and limit outdoor watering to only when needed.

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