Troubleshooter: double charged for cruise


The charge happened when her son Anthony tried to use his mom's credit card to pay for a cruise he booked through Crown Travel and Cruises.

Anthony Jones tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, I had to make a deposit and I didn't have that money at the time my mom had used her card for the initial deposit." But Anthony said he got a call from his travel agent, Stan, telling him he couldn't use his mom's credit card after all. Anthony adds, "Stan told me they needed my mom's id and I said I'll go ahead and pay it because I have the money on my card. So he said that's fine and I said you're going to void my mom's credit card and he said ya, no problem."

But instead not only was Anthony's bank account debited more than $1,700, his mom's credit card was charged the $1,695 too. So Anthony called Crown Travel. Anthony said, "He finally said tell your mom Stan the man said it's going to be taken care of it." But Betty waited and no credit. So she called Crown Travel. Betty tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "He continues to tell us it will be reversed on my credit card. $1,600 he's just dragging his feet on. Hopefully now that you're involved we'll get our money back."

The VP of Crown Travel told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson in January he's working on Betty's refund and she should have it within 7 to 10 days. It took two months, but Betty finally got the majority of her refund. Crown Travel blamed the cruise line, Norwegian Cruise Lines, for not crediting Betty's account.

But when Troubleshooter Diane Wilson called Norwegian Cruise Lines a rep said the problem happened because Crown Travel double booked Anthony, making two reservations under his name. She added that extra reservation was never canceled.

Betty is still owed $63.44, and Stan with Crown Travel continues to say Betty will get her remaining refund within 5-10 days.

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