Pain at the pump for truckers

MEBANE The price of diesel is climbing even faster than gasoline. In fact, in some places diesel has already topped four dollars a gallon, and that has truckers crying foul.

The big trucks that help move important goods into our communities get about five miles a gallon and can cost more than $800 bucks per tank to fill.

Anthony Martin has been an independent truck driver for years. But with diesel prices around $4.00 a gallon. Times are tough. Before he takes a job he has to ask himself some serious questions.

"If I take this run am I gonna make enough money doing this run? Not only to fuel my truck but also to be able to pay my note, pay my insurance? Be able to do the maintenance on my truck?"

Anthony isn't alone. Diesel used to be a cheaper alternative to gasoline. But the tide has turned. While gas

in this area sells for around $3.20 cents. diesel is a lot higher. Some places are giving discounts for paying with cash, however. Either way, $800 dollars a fill-up it has a lot of truck drivers fed up.

There is a lot of conversation going on about a possible strike.

No strike date has been confirmed. And a strike would make life even harder on independent truck drivers. Anthony pays about $2,000 dollars a month for his truck. Meaning people in his profession have little choice but to pass the costs on to the rest of us.

It is clearly going to have a ripple effect throughout the whole industry. Not just with the truckers but to the companies they serve all over the country. and some stations around here selling diesel cheaper if you pay cash.

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