Moore, Perdue negative ads hit airways


/*Duke University*/ hosted a gubernatorial forum Tuesday afternoon.

The latest attack ad began running Thursday. /*Perdue*/ described it as an Easter surprise.

"I happened to be sitting in New Bern with my family at Easter," Perdue said. "I was sorry to see the first negative attack of the campaign."

But her campaign actually responded on air the very next day.

"/*Richard Moore*/'s attack ads are hypocritical," Perdue said. "I certainly intend to match fire with fire."

Both Perdue and Moore say they would be the better education /*governor*/.

Moore's ad even resurrected a Perdue quote about attempts to raise /*college*/ tuition in 1993.

"Perdue even sponsored a 24 percent tuition increase and said it was beer and party money," the ad says.

"It is an accurate quote and she said it," Moore said.

Perdue says she's sorry for what she said. "I deeply regret the words. I think I was speaking in reference to my son, who was at /*Carolina*/ that year. But I'm sorry I said that. That was ill thought out. And obviously I did not think I would be running for governor at that point."

She claims the /*State Treasurer*/ is beholden to /*Wall Street*/ donors.

Moore questions Perdue's campaign money, but he says that's another topic, possibly for a future ad.

"Well, Bev, it's my understanding you are here," Moore said. "And so am I. What are you afraid of? Afraid of having a real discussion?"

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