Abortion photos concern residents


It shows huge photos of a mangled fetus on one side, with smaller pictures of what pastor Donald Fozard, Sr. says are the results of abortions.

He told me he is trying to raise awareness of "people sending money to Planned Parenthood, white people sending money to Planned Parenthood, to pay for black abortions! Is that an issue? No, the issue is some truck."

The truck's very close to a DATA bus stop, where Alicia McDonald waited with her primary school-aged son. The images make her uncomfortable, thinking of "all the children who might see it and what they would think. Not saying that this doesn't need to be seem, I've seen it before in books and magazines. But I was thinking about the day my son might see it and ask me, and that day was today. I really didn't know how to explain it to him," she told me. "He said. 'Mom, is that how babies look when they come out?' And I said, no, that's not the way they look."

"All that woman had to do with her son was explain to her son, 'son, this is a result of people who have premarital sex or got into a relationship, got pregnant and did not want to take care of that child. So this country provides a means to kill your babies,'" said Fozard.

"But Reverend Fozard," I asked, "shouldn't that be her choice, to show that to her son when she thinks it's appropriate?"

He replied, "Well, you might as well close down first amendment free speech, then!"

"Hopefully, my son's not gonna be up this way that much." said Mc Donald.

Parents like her, who think the pictures we kept off television are just too intense for young children, or people who are offended by the graphic nature of the images, pretty much have two choices based on what we heard from Mr. Fozard. They can cover the kids eyes, or maybe find another route to the school down the street, or to south Durham.

Fozard told me the truck will move from its parking spot on the church lot when he's driving it --and his message-- through Durham neighborhoods.

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