Mission holds radiothon for homeless


The radiothon raised about $14,000 in about 10 days. However, it was not enough money to build a new shelter, but it will keep the city's Rescue Mission operational.

The new plan is to buy the land across the street from the home on Adam Street, and build a new homeless shelter for the homeless and less fortunate.

"This is hard, it's been hard … if it wasn't for these missions I'd starve to death to tell you the truth," said James Norris who frequents the Mission.

The Resue Mission has been operating in a house on Adam Street since September 2007, after a fire destroyed the original headquarters on Cool Spring Street.

"We do three meals a day. We still do DMV referrals," Rescue Mission Executive Director Gladys Thompson said. "We still do everything in this little house that we did in this big house besides house. That's our main goal right now is to house."

The Mission provides meals for more than 700 people every day. For the past 10 years, local ministers held a radiothon on WIDU-AM to focus attention on the city's homeless problem.

"To understand that there are over a 1,000 homeless in Cumberland County, a quarter of them veterans, there's a great need. And thank God for the people who stepped up and did something about it," said Rev. Carl Brinkley with Wake up Coalition.

"It's in two parts. They got it set up as far as operational to take keep this facility operating and another part of the relief fund," Thompson added.
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