Apartment residents return to charred units


Twenty-nine people lost their homes. As they try to recover what's left, investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire.

"It's kind of eerie I guess, kind of weird to think that all of our stuff is in there, we lived there it's gone in just a matter of hours," displaced resident, Sarah Doman said.

Doman is back to assess the damage at her second floor apartment. "My roommate and I are going to try and find another place," Doman explained. "Either stay here if they have another one available or look for something else."

Wanda Johnson was saddened by the news and showed up at the scene of the fire to help those left homeless.

"Children. What are they going through?" Johnson questioned. "What kind of traumas are they going through? And of course the families. You're thinking about everything they've lost and how devastated they are."

Fire officials say they don't know what caused the fire, but they're concentrating on the lower level. The flames traveled all the way to the third floor.

A resident said he saw a ball of fire came from the second floor. He went on to say several people came running out of the complex.

The flames ripped through 12-units and damaged four cars leaving burnt tires and broken windshields. No one was injured.

The Concord Apartment office received bags and bags of clothes overnight from people who wanted to help.

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