Troubleshooter: New chair problems


From the minute the chairs were delivered, she says she had a problem with both of them. She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson the one chair had problems with the stitching which she was able to fix on her own and the other chair had a problem with its springs. Peggy says she documented that problem on the delivery slip when her chairs arrived. She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "The delivery person said he couldn't take them back because other furniture was on the truck and it would be in the way."

So Peggy says she called Jennifer Convertibles. She added, "I called the 1-800 it seemed like 500 times but never getting an answer, not even an answering machine." Peggy says she went back to the Jennifer Convertibles in Cary where she bought the chairs. She says the manager did help her and sent a technician to correct the problems. But even after the fix she says the springs still popped.

So she was back to calling Jennifer Convertibles. Despite several promises, Peggy says she still couldn't enjoy her new chair 8 months after buying it. She says, "I'm really tired of waiting. They could have made a whole showroom full of chairs by this time. So please satisfy this, please. I never once asked for money back, just stand behind the furniture."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with Jennifer Convertibles and within a few days, Peggy got the good news that she's getting a brand new chair. Peggy tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson she's happy with this resolution and just wishes it didn't take so long.

Peggy's new chair was supposed to be delivered this past weekend. But when the chair was delivered it was the wrong color. She says she is now being told the color of chair she needs is on back order and she should get it by May. Peggy is hoping Jennifer Convertibles follows through.

The general manager of the North Carolina Jennifer convertibles got right on Peggy's problem. He apologized for the delay and said they have procedures in place to prevent this in the future. He added they stand behind their products.

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