Convicted soldier may get new trial


/*William Kreutzer*/ was convicted 12 years ago but now his lawyers want to reopen the case.

The new /*trial*/ will focus on why he did what he did.

Kreutzer's lawyers hope to spare the soldier's life, arguing he was insane when he opened fire on his fellow soldiers.

/*Military*/ law expert Todd Conorman says it's rare that a case like this gets reopened after nearly 12 years.

"It certainly is challenging for a defense council because it appears they are conceding the underlying facts right of the bat," Conorman said. "What they are trying to do is get into the mind of the defendant."

In October 1995, a soldier in his barracks captured the chaos as hundreds of /*82nd soldiers*/ were ambushed as they gathered for a morning run.

Major Stephen Badger, 37, was killed and 18 others, including Robert Lane were wounded.

/*Eyewitness News*/ talked to Lane in 1994 when Kreutzer's conviction and death sentence were overturned. "He was there, he did it," Lane said. "He had the gun. He admitted it."

The Army Appeals Court that overturned Kreutzer's conviction ruled his military lawyers did not defend him properly for premeditated murder charges.

Kreutzer could still get the death penalty or a life sentence. It's a decision Conorman says the military will not take lightly.

His trial date is tentatively set for June 2.

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