Victim's family warns about Internet relationships


Louisburg Police Chief Rick Lassiter tells /*Eyewitness News*/ that Calamaco and the suspect, Jerold Lee, 26, of Little Rock, Arkansas, had only talked online and over the phone.

"We don't believe these two ever met physically," he said based on an interivew officers conducted with Lee's parents Thursday.

But police believe Lee knew where to find Calamaco even if she didn't tell him where she worked. Lee's resume shows that he graduated from the University of Arkansas with a 3.85 grade point average majoring in Spanish.

He listed that he has excellent computer skills and special expertise in Spanish on his resume and that he took some classes in Mexico.

"In this case, this gentlemen tracked her to her business," Chief Lassiter said. "Once you send an email or whatever, your IP address is out there and it can be tracked back to the original email address."

Officers believe Lee set out to kill Calamaco after she rejected his advances.

An ex-girlfriend in Arkansas told authorities he came after her in 2005.

According to a police report released by the Garland County Sheriff's Office, Lee drove his car through the garage door of the woman's home, destroying the kitchen wall and door.

He was on probation for that, when he illegally left Arkansas this week for /*North Carolina*/.

Arriving Monday night, staying at the Economy Inn, police say he walked into /*Phelps Staffing*/ Tuesday morning armed with a brand new machete and a .40 caliber handgun.

Calamaco's co-worker, Heather Miller, 30, of Clayton survived the shooting and is being treated at /*UNC Hospitals*/ in Chapel Hill. Chief Lassiter says Miller told authorities that Lee walked into their office and started talking to Calamaco for a few seconds when Calamaco said, "it doesn't have to end like this," and Lee fired a shot.

Calamaco and Miller began running towards the back of the building while Lee continued to shoot. "We believe he fired his gun 13 times," Lassiter said. "He shot Amy six times, Miller two times then himself once." The victim's family wants others to be careful on the internet.

"I want to get the word out there, everyone please watch the children and monitor the children and their loved ones [on-line]," Amy Calamaco, the victim's aunt told Eyewitness News. She doesn't want anyone to go through what the Calamaco family is going through.

"They're taking [her murder] really hard. she was the oldest. It's really hard for them."

Friday morning Calamaco's casket was closed during her funeral.

The police chief says her murder case remains open.

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