Durham youth job fair

DURHAM All of them were there to look for summer jobs at Durham's Annual Youth Job Fair. "I think it'd be a good chance to earn extra money and it's a good job to get in, working at a young age," Kevin McCauley said. "It's nothing like having your own money."

For Mayor Bill Bell, it's more than a job fair. It's a chance to get the spotlight off two Durham high school drop outs recently charged with murder. "Durham is not any different than any other city. We have a lot of young people, as other cities do, some young people get into trouble, but the vast majority of young people don't get into trouble," Mayor Bell said.

Sierra Mitchell is one of many student who want to change the image young teens have. "Some of the students, children out here are actually trying to work but some people judge them before they get to know them. Not every kid is in gangs and drugs. They're actually trying to work hard and get real money."

The job fair was open for teens and young adults ages 14- through 21-years-old. Approximately 300 summer employment opportunities will be available this year. Officials are hope more companies can donate more jobs.

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