Two die after car drives into pond


One of the victims had just turned 22.

Family members and friends spent Tuesday trying to figure out how something so tragic could happen. Phillip Cockrell can't believe his daughter, 22-year-old Robyn Cockrell is gone.

"Oh, she was a fantastic girl," Phillip Cockrell said. "She was a sweet daughter. Just a great person."

He said his daughter turned 22 Tuesday.

He believes she was out celebrating with her boyfriend, Stephen Loweke, who turned 24 last week.

Timothy Letbedder, 23, was the third person in the car. Hr survived and told /*investigators*/ they were joy riding in the field after drinking at a /*Fayetteville*/ nightclub.

He said before he knew it, the car was sinking in the pond that they didn't know was there. People who live nearby aren't surprised.

"Yes because it's very flat," resident Linda Williams said. "If you don't know it's here, you can be riding through this hay field having a... like kids do... racing through. And you can go off into the pond and not know it."

Resident Nathan Williams says the car was probably traveling fast to end up in the pond. "They were doing a pretty good speed to go that far I would think."

Drivers and emergency crews spent a good part of the morning pulling the two bodies and the car from the pond.

Cockrell is finding it hard to believe his little girl died on the day she was born.

"It's sad," he said. "It's sad. I lost my sister in a car wreck too. So, it's kind of double jeopardy for me. You know what I mean."

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