Girl hit while waiting at bus stop

JOHNSTON COUNTY 12-year-old Josh Banfalvy was waiting for the school bus before dawn when he heard a blood-curdling sound.

A 7th grader from Cleveland Middle School was hit while crossing the street to get on a school bus. The bus had its sign out and lights on, but officials say it was foggy and dark.

The student was transported to /*Wake Med*/. She has a broken leg and broken jaw. The /*North Carolina*/ Highway Patrol is investigating it.

Trooper Daniel Sharpe, NC Highway Patrol, stated "The weather was foggy. It was dark at the time. Still the flashing lights from the school bus should have allowed the vehicle to come to a stop."

Ron Perry a neighbor stated, "We understand it was foggy this morning. But whoever did it just kept going. How do you hit a kid and just keep going. It's shocking to us. We don't understand it."

Witnesses say a dark colored SUV with a missing passenger mirror was driving very fast. The speed limit on Lassiter Farms Road is 55. The driver fled from the scene following the accident.

Other parents say they have feared accidents like this with a school bus stop on a busy two-lane road.

Neighbor Sharon Reese stated, "We need to have these school buses in this sub-divion. What will it take? For someone else to get hurt?"

After school, Josh Banfalvy had to cross the road again. He said his bus ride will never be the same.

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