Boy saved after emotional organ donation


A 13-year-old boy in desperate need of a new kidney got a second chance at life after Basil Shahin's parents donated his organs.

Erica Douglas talked exclusively with Eyewitness News about a prayer answered –a kidney for her sick son.

"The day they called us to the hospital and told us they had a kidney for my son when they mentioned the age, I kind of figured it was possibly that little boy," Douglas said.

That boy was Basil, he and his brother were killed last week when they darted into traffic.

Wanting to keep his spirit alive, Basil's family donated his organs.

"He had a big heart and because he has a big heart I was feeling sad and I didn't want that heart to die," Basil's father, Ahman Shahin said. "So we have donated all of his organs to the other needy children."

Basil's family met for the first time Thursday --the family of the young boy, William, who now has a second chance at life.

"Even though we're sad, when we think about William and he being able to go on and live his life and hopefully be grown up and be a happy and healthy child and just bring happiness to everyone, and it helps us go on," Ahman said.

"It is really wonderful that his son is able to live on through my son. They were actually kind of personality were similar. Sweet gentle, kind young man," Douglas added.

And Ahman believes his son's sprit will live on now.

"I will consider him my own child. So we have another child and a new family," Ahman said.

"I would think we would have a close relationship and that my son would come to grow and love his family and be more grateful of their generosity and what they've done for him," Douglas said.

William is doing well and is expected to go home soon.

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