Durham holds youth violence forum


After an 9-year-old boy was accidently shot in the face by violent gunfire, concerns for safety mounts in Durham.

Parents say that is when the youth violence problem has gone too far.

During the forum, a panel of police officers and anti-violence activists discussed what causes teenagers to carry guns and join gangs.

They invited the Durham community to take part in the open discussion of how to stop the kind of violence that some youth see --and some take part in-- every day.

"People jumping other people, guns being pointed at people's head," Shadae Carrington said.

"At my school, it's the same thing -violence, anything," Durham teen, Gervac Campbell added.

Some people blame the problem on parents, but most agree there is no single cause of youth violence.

"I think a lot of it has to do with funding, society as a whole how they perceive things and like they were saying in there, there's a lot of angry teens, but there's a lot of angry adults as well," Durham resident, Anette Carington said.

Everyone has a different solution to the problem, some see it in dollar bills - which they fear means, there will not be a solution at all.

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