Raleigh boy questions Obama about politics

RALEIGH "I'm just wondering how I could be president one day." With that question to his political role model, Kameryn Gare-McCullough was an instant hit with the crowd and Barack Obama, "Kameryn, you are an impressive young man," Obama said.

Kameryn is president of the student council in his fourth grade classroom at Green Hope Elementary. Thursday he made the trip to see Illinois senator and presidential hopeful Barack Obama, partly because he feels he would make a good president.

Kristen Musgrave, Kameryn's teacher, was beaming during the speech. "I just felt so proud and so excited that he was on there," Musgrave said. "He is very ambitious, very curious, great learner."

Kameryn has been at Green Hope Elementary for less than a year - but he still won the hearts of his classmates with some good ole' campaigning and a catchy slogan: "Vote for Kam, I'm your man."

While his political career may have gotten a Barack boost, he's not letting it go to his head. "I wouldn't get into a spoiled brat like every other celebrity," Kameryn said.

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