Protest against popular radio show continues

RALEIGH Native Americans are denouncing G-105's Bob Dumas' derogatory comments he made three weeks ago on his morning sow Bob and the Showgram.

Monday members of the Pembroke-based Lumbee Tribe are protesting "The Showgram" and G-105's owner Clear Channel on the grounds of the State Capitol.

The comments were made April 1st on /*G 105*/s number one rated show when /*Bob Dumas*/ and his /*Showgram*/ crew teased an intern for marrying a /*Lumbee Indian*/.

"Did you tell your parents, 'hey, at least he's not black?'" Dumas asked during the broadcast. "After you guys get married are you going to have a tee-pee warming party? A tee-pee warming party? I hear Pottery Barn is making great stuff for tee-pees."

That led to outrage from /*Native American*/ leaders who called the statements inflammatory, callous and insensitive.

They demanded Dumas and his co-hosts be fired and asked for a large donation to /*UNC Pembroke*/, which has deep ties to the Lumbees. Instead, they got an apology from Dumas.

"We intended for our comments to be humorous, but we failed at that," Dumas said. "We sincerely apologize to each of our listeners who were offended."

The host and his morning team received a three-day suspension. But the episode wasn't over.

Last week, the /*North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs*/ met with /*G 105*/ management to discuss disparaging remarks made by radio personality /*Bob Dumas*/ on his morning show.

Members of the North Carolina NAAPC and the Latino community were invited to Monday's protest. Members of the Lumbee Tribe are asking people to boycott the Showgram's advertisers - and they want an end to the hate-filled speech once and for all.

The organizer of Monday's protest said she doesn't feel Dumas is a bad person, but feels his type of comedy needs to stop.

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