Triangle campaigns in full swing


Although neither /*Clinton*/ or /*Obama*/ was in /*North Carolina*/ Tuesday -- their supporters were.

In Clinton's case, it was daughter Chelsea, who hosted an event at /*Duke University*/.

"I passionately support my mom," Chelsea Clinton said.

There she touted her mother's plans for health care and education and her foreign policy experience.

"I'm really proud that my mom stood up for universal healthcare coverage in '93 and '94 before it was fashionable," Clinton said. "And I'm really proud that she's still standing up for truly universal healthcare coverage."

The former First Daughter appeared along with actor Sean Astin of "Lord of the Rings" fame and Hillary Clinton supporter.

"What we really need is a leader who will be able to chart a course out of the morass that we find ourselves in, and I feel imminently confident that Senator Clinton has the leadership and experience necessary to do just that," Astin said.

The Obama camp made headlines as well.

Seventeen North Carolina legislators stood together outside the General Assembly to announce their support for the Illinois senator.

Among them was former house speaker Dan Blue, who worked on Bill Clinton's runs for the White House in 1992 and 1996. He said he was increasingly concerned with the negative tone of Clinton's campaign.

"Barack Obama is a candidate who can win in North Carolina, no, not just in the primary, he will win in the primary, but who can win in the general election," Representative Dan Blue said.

Senator Tony Rand shared similar sentiments. "Barack Obama knows what it means to bring about real change in America. If we want real change, we need leaders in Washington who say what they mean and who mean what they say. He won't just tell everyone what they want to hear. He'll tell people what they need to hear."

Another 12 legislators who did not attend the announcement also endorsed Obama.

And depending on how things go in Pennsylvania, it's likely we'll be seeing a great deal more of the candidates in North Carolina.

Former President Bill Clinton will return to N.C. Wednesday. He'll make five stops including one in Hillsborough.

Hillary Clinton will be in N.C. Thursday and that trip will include a visit to Fayetteville. There's no word on when Obama will be back.

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